Where do P.I.E. dollars go?

 iGuyTechnology.   In the last 5 years, we've helped to purchase Promethean boards for all classrooms, the
  Library and LGI, 
 25 iPads to be used with the Music and Library curriculum, and an Apple TV for use in
  the Library.

after school clubs After-School Clubs. Each year, P.I.E. underwrites 4 or 6 week after-school club sessions for 3rd and
  4th graders. Clubs offered have included a variety of subjects including knitting, puzzles, bingo,
  board games, drawing, tag, flag football, STEM, Spanish, and more!

field trips

   Field Trips. Beginning the 2016-2017 school year, field trip expenses for parents were held at $5 per field  
   trip. P.I.E. covers all other field trip costs.

donut image Family Activities.  P
.I.E. holds a number of family friendly activities during the year including:
   • Donuts with Dad         • Morning with Mom (formerly Muffins with Mom)         • Candy Bingo      
                 •  Babysitting during P.I.E. meetings               • Family Movie Nights 
   • Refreshments for Veteran's Day, Grandparent's Day &  4th Grade Move-up Ceremony

teacher resources    Teacher/School Support.  P.I.E. provides many items to support  our teachers including:
              • Mini-grants for all teachers who join P.I.E.       • Music recorders for 3rd graders       
          • Phys Ed initiatives  and new equipment        • Support for Listen, Move, Create      
                 • Funding of Library initiatives including RIF and Visiting Authors

community  Community Outreach.  In 2015, TVEC and P.I.E. began a RAIDER REACH program.
   This   program identifies food insecure families and assists them with weekly backpacks
    of supplemental food. Through Raider Reach, we also volunteer at the local foodbank
   and organize holiday gift drives and personal care product drives.  Additionally, 
                                                                   awards 2 scholarships to Twin Valley high school graduates each school year.