All students are taught at their developmental reading level.
Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA):
Administered to students in the beginning, middle, and the end of the school year.
Curriculum- Lucy Calkins
Unit 1- Fiction- Interpreting Characters- The Heart Of The Story
Unit 2- Nonfiction- Reading the Weather, Reading the World
Unit 3- Fiction- Historical Fiction Clubs 
Unit 4- Nonfiction- Tackling Complexity- Moving Up Levels of Nonfiction
Read-aloud, mini-lessons, literature groups, guided, shared, group, partner, and independent reading
 Areas of Concentration:
* Connections- to enhance meaning and to encourage reflection during reading
* Visualization- to create mental images while reading
* Summarization- to extract essential information
* Character development- to show how the author creates believable characters and how the character(s) change during the story
* Inferencing- to arrive at a decision or opinion by reasoning from known facts of evidence
* Compare and Contrast- to show how a writer compares two ideas, events, or phenomena, showing how they are similar and different
* Cause and effect- to recognize cause and effect structures
* Literacy Elements- to identify and analyze key components of literature