Ms. Rowlands

Hello everyone! My name is Ms. Rowlands and this is my fourth year teaching art at the Twin Valley School District.  For the last three years I taught at the high school.  I am very excited to be starting my first year at TVEC and getting to know and work with all of you. Be sure to check back for updates and photos of us creating through out the year.  

 4th grade:
Ms. Burger- 1,5,9
Mrs. Pierce- 4,8,12
Mr. Llewellyn- 3,7,11
Mrs. Sanger- 2,6,10
 2nd grade:
Ms. Chirlin- 1,5,9
Ms. King- 4,8,12
Ms. Koch- 3,7,11
Mrs. Weaver- 2,6,10
 3rd grade:
Ms. Rotoloni- 1,5,9
Mrs. Klemmer- 4,8,12
Ms. Oberholtzer- 3,7,11
Mrs. Troffo- 2,6,10
 1st grade:
Ms. Burns- 1,5,9
Mrs. Cresswell- 4,8,12
Ms. Gruin- 3,7,11
Mrs. Acinapura- 1,5,9 Mrs. Duriez- 4,8,12 Ms. Gaul- 3,7,11