Mrs. Duriez


Welcome to
Mrs. Duriez's Kindergarten Class!
We are an allergen free classroom.
Please refer to the TV School District approved snack list that is specific and safe for our classroom.

Daily Schedule 

Morning meeting

Reading Workshop
Writing Workshop
Special Class
Science/Social Studies
Creative Play

Special Schedule

Library- Days  1, 5, 9
Art- Days  2, 6, 10
Music- Days  3, 7, 11
P.E. (gym)- Days  4, 8, 12

We have special class from 1:35-2:15.
Please wear sneakers on P.E. days


*Please check your child's homework folder everyday.
*Return your child's reading book and "fish" letter/word ring daily.
*Math activity pages and writing practice pages do not need to be returned to school.
*Any money that is sent to school should be in an envelope or baggie. Please write what the money is for (lunch, book order, etc.) along with your child's name.
*Wear sneakers for Phys. Ed. on days 4, 8, 12.
*If you have any questions, please contact me at: