Math Corner

Math Corner
Posted on 01/15/2016
Math chalkboard

In grades kindergarten through five, the Twin Valley School District has implemented Everyday Mathematics, which is an exemplary elementary mathematics (K-6) program. The extensive spiral curriculum which underlies this program aligns our mathematics instruction with the PA Common Core, and those of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). 

The learning and instructional goals for Everyday Mathematics fall into six program strands, across all of the grades:

  • Operations and Computation (including: basic facts, mental math, algorithms, estimation, number stories, money, powers of ten, and exponents)
  • Numeration (including: counting, order, relations, estimation, odd/even, fractions, decimals, and percents)
  • Patterns, Functions, & Algebra (including: number and visual patterns, properties, sequences, functions, number sentences, equations and inequalities, variables, and formulas)
  • Data & Chance (including: mean, median, range, mode, tally charts, line plots, graphs, and probability)
  • Measurement & Reference Frames (including: linear measures, weight, capacity, money, time, temperature, perimeter, area, volume, diameter and circumference, angle, and coordinate grid)
  • Geometry (including: two-dimensional, three-dimensional, symmetry, congruence, angles)