4th Grade Chorus Rehearsals
are held on the 1st and 3rd Friday 
from 9:00-9:40
in the LGI.

WINTER CONCERT - December 11th at 7:00 in the TVEC GYM
SPRING CONCERT - May 10th at 7:00 in the TVEC GYM (Evening of the Arts)


Why Chorus?

The experience gained within a choral group can be compared to the experience gained in a sporting team. Chorus is an opportunity for all 4th grade students to work together towards a common musical goal. Each student in chorus is a unique part of a whole group, and without that individual the group would not remain the same. In chorus we value all the effort, cooperation and teamwork that goes into making a quality musical performance and we have the satisfaction and reward of knowing each rehearsal/concert was a job well done! (Not to mention we usually have a great deal of fun along the way!)


Chorus sign up is done on a completely volunteer basis. All 4th grade students are invited to attend. We hold 2 open rehearsals at the begining of the year, where all students may come and "try it out." On the third rehearsal we ask that only the students who are willing to make the commitment come. It is at this time that we send out a letter informing the parents of their participation and ask parents to sign students up using the link above.


The requirements are easy to fulfill! The first requirement is that all students try their best at all times! The second is that students attend the in school rehearsals to the best of their ability. Finally, the third is that they attend all concerts within or outside of school. The concerts held outside of the school day are only twice a year. Once in the winter , and once in the spring.


4th grade students rehearse on the first and third Friday of every month from 9:00-9:40 in the LGI.
Please remember that rehearsals are scheduled during non-instructional time, so the students do not miss any new classroom material. The chorus schedule does not conflict with band. ‚Äč